Saturday, 24 September 2016

Internet of things: Data uploading on thingspeak using sim900

In this post, we are going to upload data on thingspeak using sim900 module.

Things required:

  1. SIM 900 module
  2. USB-TTL converter
  3. Terminal software
  4. Account on thingspeak
  5. 12 volt adapter for powering gsm module
First of all, make connections as follows:

GSM                                           USB-TTL

RX        ==============>    TX
TX        ==============>    RX
GND     ==============>   GND

Once the connection is done, open bray's terminal (or any terminal software). You can download it from the net.
Make settings as follows: Baud  rate: 9600, data bits:8, parity: none, stop bits: 2 and CR should be checked.

Follow the instruction as given in the video.

Stay tuned for more tutorials!!

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